Twitter is working on a range of new features for its live audio rooms Spaces, including a reply option, according to reports.

The microblogging platform is working on features such as replay and participant rules for Spaces.

These features are under development and were discovered in Twitter’s code by developer and app researcher Nima Owji, 9to5Mac reported.

As per Owji's findings, Twitter is working on a replay option. Currently, users can only join a Space while it's live. They cannot reaccess it after the Space is over. This may change with the new feature.

Users will also be able to see the duration and the people in a Space after replay is enabled, as per the report.

Another feature that the platform is working on is the ability to set some rules for Space. Owji also discovered a feature that lets users 'lock' a Space, indicating that hosts may be able to restrict a live conversation to a specific group of users in the future.

These features are under development. Twitter has not confirmed the launch of these features yet.

Earlier this month, the social media major introduced a co-hosting option for Spaces.

Users can now co-host a Space by inviting other users. A host can have up to two co-hosts and up to ten speakers for a Space.

"Making it easier to manage your Space…introducing co-hosting! - hosts have two co-host invites they can send - the table just got bigger: 1 host, 2 co-hosts, and 10 speakers - co-hosts can help invite speakers, manage requests, remove participants, pin Tweets and more!" Twitter had tweeted from the official Spaces account.

Hosts can also invite co-hosts for scheduled Spaces.

The microblogging platform had expanded Spaces enabling all users with 600 or more followers to host a Space starting May this year.

Separately, it has also been testing a new way for users to monetise the audio rooms with Ticketed Spaces.