YouTube is introducing a new ‘corrections’ feature for users to fix errors on a video. This comes following the video streaming platform announcing a 12-month free subscription offer to its premium users.

When deleting and re-uploading a video in case of errors, creators have to forfeit the video’s engagement metrics and comments. The Verge reported that if they choose to add a note in the description or pin a comment to the video, it might go unrecognised by viewers. As per reports, with the launch of Corrections, creators will be able to call attention to corrections and clarifications in the descriptions of their already published videos.

The new feature allows users to add corrections which will appear as info cards in the top right corner of a video at the relevant timestamp, according to The Verge report. As per a screenshot shared by The Verge, creators can add more corrections to a video that will appear based on the timestamp. The info card teaser will appear only once, showcasing the first correction made. The card will expand in the video’s description when viewers click it.