Spotify is expanding its Music+Talk feature to countries in 15 new markets including India, the company has announced.

The Music+Talk is a new show format that enable creators to add full-length music tracks from Spotify’s catalog alongside their talk segments.

Spotify began experimenting with the show format last year. These shows could be created by anyone using Anchor, Spotify's podcasting platform.

Spotify launched the Music+Talk listening experience in select markets last October.

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With the latest expansion, users in countries including India, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Colombia will have access to the blended audio experience.

Creators in these markets will now have access to the “Music” tool in Anchor, where they can incorporate full songs from Spotify’s library of 70 million tracks into their spoken-word audio creations. As for listeners, they can interact directly with the music within an episode by liking, saving, and sharing with each track as they would in any playlist, Spotify said in a blog post.

The shows will be available to Premium and Free listeners. Spotify Premium users will have access to full tracks as part of these shows, while Free users will hear 30-second previews of each song. Shows can be listened to globally wherever Spotify is available.

Along with the market expansion, the platform will also begin offering new resources for creators interested in using Music+Talk.