42Square, a prominent software consulting firm in Kochi Infopark, has officially announced its acquisition by Wavetronix LLC, a global leader in intelligent traffic solutions based in Utah, United States.

The venture called FortyTwo Square Solutions Pvt Ltd, a new subsidiary of Wavetronix in India operational since April 1st, aims to merge the talents of 42Square’s team with Wavetronix’s vision, promising innovation and excellence in intelligent traffic solutions and signalling its expansion into new territories.

Wavetronix, renowned for its radar traffic detection solutions, is poised to amplify its capabilities with 42Square’s expertise. Wavetronix traffic products have been installed in all 50 US states, and large traffic projects have been completed in countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Egypt, and Taiwan. Wavetronix is making traffic systems safer and more efficient globally.

As part of the acquisition, 42Square will help Wavetronix set up an Innovation and Research lab to conduct research on creating new devices in the traffic solutions sector and diversifying the embedded solutions service to other sectors.

David Arnold, Founder, Wavetronix said the company has plans to set up an electronic manufacturing facility in the region to cater to the export market and make substantial investment over the next five years to expand the subsidiary’s workforce. This would poised to create job opportunities and contribute positively to the Indian manufacturing sector.