WhatsApp tracker Wabetainfo said in a recent post that the company is bringing a side-by-side toggle feature to allow users to view chats as per convenience.

Splitscreen feature was introduced to provide users with simultaneous chat view without having to lose the ongoing chat.

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WhatsApp side-by-side option can be managed within the in-app settings. With the option in the settings, users can disable the side-by-side view by toggling the option available within WhatsApp Settings under Chat Settings.

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Side-by-side view splits the screen, can result in a smaller area for each conversation, especially on devices with smaller screens.

In addition, some users would like to have the traditional single-window view and may find the side-by-side view inconvenient. WhatsApp is now rolling out a toggle to disable the side-by-side view.

WhatsApp is enabling the feature for Android tablet users for an upcoming update.

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