Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which will be held on June 05, is one of the most awaited events this year.

Apple initially said that the iOS 17 version will focus mainly on fixing bugs, but now, it plans to unveil a range of products and features at the event.

Apple iOS 17 features

Journaling App

Apple is all set to roll out Journaling App to help people fighting mental and physical ailments. It will help users to track their day-to-day life pattern, moods, emotions, and more. The app will be integrated with both calls and text, and everything will be done on-device.

Dynamic Island

Apple is likely to roll out redesigned Dynamic Island, introduced with the iPhone 14 series.

According to reports, Apple is planning to bring Safari interface to Dynamic Island so that the lock screen will not obstruct the view.

Health App

Apple is planning to bring few updates to its Health App. The company is also expanding the Health App to iPad. According to reports, the updated app will have a mood tracker. Besides, users with vision problem will get a new feature.

Support for Reality Pro headset

The much anticipated mixed AR/VR reality headset by Apple is on its way. Users can expect an app dedicated to the headset. However, whether the headset will be integrated with iPhone or work independent of it is not clear.


Apple provided a new CarPlay experience at the last year’s WWDC event. Apple demonstrated a deeper integration between the vehicle and the CarPlay. The initial launch of the first set of the CarPlay integrated vehicles is expected to come later in 2023.

Side-loading of apps

According to European Regulations, Apple is required to allow side-loading of the apps from 2024 onwards. This will allow Apple users in the Europe to download preferred apps outside of the App Store.