India slashed the base import prices of palm oil and soyabean oil for a fortnight, the government said in a statement late on Wednesday, as prices of the cooking oils fell sharply in the global market.

The move was in contrast to the country's decision on Tuesday to keep the base import price of all edible oils unchanged.

India has put on hold a proposal to reduce import taxes on edible oils as cooking oil prices started to fall in the world market after hitting record highs, two government and one industry officials told Reuters.

The government revises base import prices of edible oils, gold, and silver every fortnight and the price is used to calculate the amount of tax an importer needs to pay.

The new prices are as follows: Crude palm oil $1,136 ($1,222), RBD palm oil $1,148 ($1,245), RBD palmolein $1,153 ($1,265), and Crude soya oil $1,415 ($1,452).

The base prices for all commodities are in $ per tonne.