Weak global cues and physical demand today dragged soy oil in Indore and other mandis in Madhya Pradesh. The soy refined here today declined to ₹875-80 for 10 kg, while soy solvent ruled at ₹825-30.

Among plants, soy refined Vippy was quoted at ₹875; (Keshav)- ₹875/878; soy refined (Bajrang)- ₹882; Prakash - ₹875; Ruchi- ₹882/884; Mahakali- ₹882; Avi Ujjain- ₹880/83; Gambuja Nominal- ₹882; Khandwa- ₹883; Bansal- ₹882; Itarsi- ₹882/83; RH Solvex Seoni- ₹890.

Soy refined MS Pachore was quoted at ₹874; Neemuch (MS Solvex)- ₹870; Dhanuka- ₹868; Nimbhara- ₹873; Kota refined- ₹880-85; while soy refined Kalapipal (Ambika) ruled at ₹880 for 10 kg. Plant deliveries of soybean were also quoted higher at ₹3,900 a quintal, while soybean mandi rate was quoted at ₹3,850 a quintal. Amidst weak domestic demand, soy DOC ruled flat at ₹32,000 a tonne.