A volume of 7.98 lakh kg has been catalogued for Sale No: 22 of Coonoor Tea Trade Association auction scheduled for Thursday and Friday. It is 1.44 lakh kg more than last week’s offer. Of this, 4.96 lakh kg belongs to leaf grades and 3.02 lakh kg, dust grade. As much as 7.14 lakh kg belongs to CTC variety and only 84,000 kg, orthodox variety. In CTC Leaf market last week, Vigneshwar Speciality’s Broken Pekoe topped at ₹246, followed by Darmona Estate’s Broken Orange Pekoe Small at ₹217. Quotations held by brokers indicated bids ranging ₹82-84 a kg for plain leaf grades and ₹100-140 for brighter liquoring sorts. They ranged ₹92- 93 for plain dusts and ₹110-170 for brighter liquoring dusts.