Easy Trip Planners Ltd’s shares were up by 1.27 per cent after the company reported that its online travel tech platform, EaseMyTrip.com, introduced EasyDarshan to address the spiritual tourism needs of travelers.

EasyDarshan offers curated pilgrimage packages that encompass a range of revered spiritual sites across India.

The platform is designed to provide devotees with a hassle-free spiritual journey by offering packages that include transportation, accommodation, guided tours, and special pujas. Covering a selection of pilgrimage destinations, from the tranquil temples of the South to the serene Himalayan shrines, EasyDarshan aims to simplify travel logistics for spiritual tourists.

Nishant Pitti, CEO & Co-Founder of EaseMyTrip, said, “India is known as the land of spirituality and is home to beautifully carved temples, peaceful Gurudwaras, majestic churches and opulent mosques. This is why spiritual tourism holds a special place in the hearts of Indians, and people are now keen to visit vibrant religious and spiritual destinations more than ever before. We were aware this was an untapped territory and had immense potential for growth. This prompted us to launch EasyDarshan. With this platform, our vision is to bridge the gap between devotion and convenience and offer seamless, convenient and safe pilgrimage experiences that resonate with our customers’ spiritual aspirations.”

The shares were up by 1.27 per cent to ₹41.54 at 1 pm on the BSE.