Investment research platform PrimeInvestor will offer an all-stock portfolio called ‘Financial Disruptors’ and an all-ETF portfolio on tinvestment platform smallcase

It will have a ‘core’ comprising broad, market-cap-based index ETFs and a ‘satellite’ section with tactical allocations to strategy and thematic ETFs to drive extra returns, it said.

Vidya Bala, co-founder,, said, “The diverse experience of our research team has enabled us to offer differentiated portfolios, using a combination of investment approaches. Our quantitative framework eliminates weaker candidates, whether in stocks or ETFs, beyond which our qualitative analysis kicks in to zero in on the right stocks.”

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“We have built the two portfolios to cater to different types of investors and their needs,” added Bhavana Acharya, another co-founder, “For the risk taker, our ‘Financial Disruptor’ portfolio fits the bill as it features high-growth stocks that challenge the entrenched large banks. For investors preferring steadiness, our ‘Core & Satellite ETF smallcase’ offers the twin benefits of low costs and market-plus returns.”

Vasanth Kamath, CEO of smallcase, said, “smallcase is on a mission to change how India invests by partnering with investors, advisors, brokers and other market participants who are open to game-changing innovation. Partnering with a comprehensive research and recommendation platform like PrimeInvestor is in line with this mission and will encourage Indians to invest more smartly by providing an extensive range of investment options that are qualitative and unique. We are excited to work with PrimeInvestor and help their clients take a long-term portfolio-based approach towards equity investing.”

Both the investment portfolios are available for a subscription fee.