Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has entered into a partnership with BankID BankAxept AS, the provider of Norway’s national payment and electronic identity systems. This alliance aims to establish and manage an operations command centre.

BankAxept, the dominant national payment system in Norway, facilitates 80 per cent of card payments in the country. Meanwhile, BankID serves as Norway’s primary eID verification solution, relied upon by over 90 per cent of the population, as well as banks, public institutions, and commercial enterprises. New regulations mandate BankID to deliver users a compliant, trustworthy, and secure electronic identity solution, complemented by round-the-clock support.

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As per the agreement, TCS will construct and oversee a 24x7 operations command centre in Oslo, Norway, catering to all BankID BankAxept AS users and clients. This facility will ensure responses to any service disruptions, security concerns, or client requests pertaining to Norway’s crucial national payments and electronic identity verification systems.

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TCS will implement a monitoring framework at the command centre, capable of anticipating, addressing, and preempting issues in the value chain that could impact the broader financial services ecosystem. This framework incorporates a mechanism for streamlined communication with a team of experts and vendors, expediting the identification of root causes and collaborative issue resolution. The command centre is equipped to oversee teams and vendors, enabling the prompt resolution of disruptions, urgent security alerts, or events, and can integrate value-added services from partner ecosystems.

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