Google said on Thursday that starting next week Google Pay’s app settings will provide users with more controls to decide how their activity is used to personalise features within the app.

“All users will be asked to choose whether they would like to turn the control on or off as soon as they upgrade to the next version of the Google Pay app,” the company said in a blogpost.

“...your financial and transaction information on Google Pay has always been governed by your consent. Your personal information is never sold to anyone, and your transaction history is not shared with any other Google product for targeting ads,” it said.

Turning on ‘Personalisation within Google Pay’ will provide a more tailored experience within Google Pay, the company said. For example, users will receive more relevant offers and rewards based on their activities within Google Pay, including the transaction history.

“Even with this setting turned off, Google Pay will continue to work just as well – only without personalisation. Users who update Google Pay on Android and iOS can access these controls to modify their personalisation experience on Google Pay, based on their preference,” the blogpost said.

It further added that users will also be able to manage their individual transactions and activity within Google Pay by visiting “Here, you can view and delete individual transactions and activity records that you don’t want used to personalise your Google Pay experience,” it added.