Non-food bank credit grew by 20.6 per cent during 2010-11 as compared with 16.8 per cent during 2009-10, according to the RBI.

In FY 2011, banks extended non-food credit aggregating Rs 6,27,347 crore (Rs 4,38,182 crore in FY2010).

As per the RBI's sectoral deployment of credit data, credit to the services sector, led by non-banking finance companies (59 per cent increase or by Rs 62,136 crore), professional services, transport operators and tourism, hotels and restaurants, grew by 23.9 per cent during 2010-11, compared with 12.5 per cent in the previous year.

Personal loans grew significantly by 17 per cent (or by Rs 99,739 crore) during 2010-11 as compared with 4.1 per cent (or by Rs 23,154 crore) during the previous year, with all its components barring credit card outstanding exhibiting high growth.

Credit to industry, led by infrastructure, metals, food processing, rubber, plastic and their products and engineering grew by 23.6 per cent in 2010-11, compared with 24.4 per cent in the previous year.

Credit growth to agriculture, however, decelerated to 10.6 per cent during 2010-11 from 22.9 per cent in the previous year.