Moving from one place to another, for the sake of better job opportunities, may soon become a trend of the past.

With the current crisis, triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, many players in the real sector seem to be modifying their strategies in order to make a comeback once the tension simmers.

The present scenario has also led to several questions related to shared accommodations. Would there be fewer such options or would landlords or even hostel owners consider a business module that would be a win-win scenario?


This week, on Startup Saturday, we speak with Akhil Gupta, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of is an online platform that allows the public to locate ideal places of stay without involving a middleman, namely - the broker.

While Akhil Gupta did state that the scenario is likely to be different in the days ahead, he believes that this situation has paved away for more opportunities than before.

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