In this episode of the State of the Economy podcast, TE Raja Simhan speaks to Ankit Kumar, founder and CEO of Gurgaon-based Skye Air Mobility, about drone technology and its impact on logistics.

Ankit shares insights about drone technology and its role in logistics. He highlights how government policies, especially since 2018, have paved the way for widespread adoption, revolutionising industries beyond just delivery. From agriculture to healthcare, drones are enhancing efficiency and effectiveness across various sectors.

One of the key discussions revolves around the critical role of drones in last-mile delivery, particularly in densely populated areas like Gurgaon. Ankit explains Skye Air Mobility’s approach of utilising autonomous drones and infrastructure like the Sky Pod for delivery directly to residential areas.

But what about safety and reliability, especially in densely populated areas? Kumar details the meticulous planning and robust fail-safe systems employed by Skye Air Mobility to ensure safe operations, including redundant systems, autonomous navigation, and emergency protocols.

Beyond logistics, Ankit Kumar sheds light on the environmental benefits of drone delivery, including significant reductions in carbon emissions and minimising human involvement. He emphasises the efficiency of drone delivery, enabling faster, batched deliveries compared to traditional methods.

Looking to the future, Ankit discusses the potential challenges of managing air traffic as drones become more prevalent. He outlines the need for sophisticated unmanned traffic management systems, like Skye UTM, to ensure safe and efficient drone operations nationwide.

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