In this episode of the BL Podcast, Jayapriyanka talks to Mukesh Kochhar, National Head of Wealth Department for AUM Capital, and Parth Nyati, founder of Tradingo, about the eagerly-awaited G20 summit and its potential impact on various stocks.

The G20 summit, in which 20 major economies are participating, could represent a pivotal moment for India. As Kochhar notes, 80 per cent of global GDP and 75 per cent of exports are collectively represented by these countries. He points out that India is poised for substantial benefits, including increased foreign direct investment (FDI) across sectors.

The podcast delves into the potential impact of the summit on various industries. As Nyati and Kochhar point out, the electric vehicle (EV) sector is primed for growth, with supportive policies and incentives on the horizon. Companies such as Tata Motors and Tata Power stand to benefit, alongside start-ups focusing on green tech.

Additionally, industries related to renewable energy, defence, pharma, and chemicals are expected to thrive as India explores new trade opportunities.

The conversation also touches on the geopolitical landscape. While leaders such as China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin are absent, India’s friendly reputation and its quest for global partnerships mean their absence isn’t a significant concern for Indian equity markets, the guests point out. Instead, they say, India is could well strengthen its position as a global trading partner, boosting multiple industries in the process.

In terms of investment strategy, the speakers emphasise a long-term perspective. They recommend focusing on fundamentally strong companies, particularly in the manufacturing sector, which is expected to experience growth opportunities. While small-cap stocks have surged, investors should exercise caution and consider a balanced portfolio with an emphasis on large-cap stocks. Listen in!