Amidst the global economic slowdown, only 712 out of 2000 registered students in IIT Bombay have secured jobs, leaving around 36 per cent still unemployed. Ramesh contextualises the situation by highlighting India’s positive growth trajectory and investments in key technologies, contrasting it with the difficulties faced by premium colleges like IIT Bombay where placement rates remain low. 

He emphasises the importance of a balanced education system, blending theoretical knowledge with practical skills to enhance employability. Ramesh discusses the impact of macroeconomic conditions on hiring processes, noting the companies’ selectiveness and the shift towards valuing practical experience. Additionally, Ramesh explores the role of student expectations, company affordability, and the increase in batch sizes in contributing to the placement challenges. 

Despite the complexities, Ramesh remains optimistic about potential rebounds and advises students to carefully consider opportunities, including those in startups, while advocating for informed decision-making. He focuses on the significance of the new education policy’s emphasis on vocational training and calls for a balance between theory and practical education. 

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(Host, producer & edits: Anjana PV)