In this episode of the Current Account podcast, Hamsini Karthik talks to Mahesh Balasubramanian, Managing Director, Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance, to learn about the recent trends in the life insurance industry.The conversation goes onto acknowledge the implication of tax changes on industry growth and the adjustments made to cope with the shifting landscape. Bala attibutes the recent industry challenges to a combination of base effects,regulatory changes, and adapting to the new normal. The podcast goes onto dissect the growth patterns in different segments, notably individual and group businesses. Bala sheds light on the resilience of group businesses in compensating for the fluctuations observed in individual policies. He also mentions the intricacies of group term business, credit term business, and the factors influencing their growth trajectories.The podcast further explores the potential changes in tax regimes and engages in a discussion about the industry’s representation to the government for continued benefits.Towards the end, Bala also bring attention to innovative initiatives, such as a hospital on wheels, and the potential correlation between such initiatives and premium growth and emphasizes the ongoing efforts to enhance the customer experience and acknowledges the need for further evaluation