Vande Bharat trains have taken passenger comfort to a new level, says ICF General Manager, BG Mallya. The riding comfort is far superior. In every coach, there is an infotainment system and on-board WiFi. Every seat has a mobile charger. There is a pantry in each coach, Also, these trains are very safe as they have a fire detection system. There is CCTV surveillance so that the guard and the loco pilot can look in to each coach and see what’s going on. Automatic doors for each coach need to close and only then the train can move. Gangways are sealed safe and connected unlike conventional bogies. The trains have been fitted with Kavach anti-collision devices. If you have two trains on the same track it does not allow the trains to come below a certain distance. If they come near, the brakes on both the systems will be activated to avoid collision.