Nifty and Nifty Bank have made a strong bullish breakout. Nifty can now test its resistance at 18,000-18,200. Nifty Bank can target 43,000. Will Nifty breach 18,200 and target 19,000? Can Nifty Bank break 43,000 to see 44,000-45,000?

A couple weeks ago, we had said that April is going be a crucial month for the equity markets. We said that Nifty has to sustain above 17,100 and make a close above 17,800 in April to become bullish. That seems to be turning out very well. We have two more weeks to go in April. In the absence of any new negative news, the charts are becoming stronger to see new highs this year. The Indian indices are gaining momentum. Nifty 50 has seen a clear breakout and is looking strong. This holds true for the Nifty Bank index too. There are resistances coming up for the indices, but if they manage to sustain this breakout, then there is more rise on the cards. What are the charts saying? Where the Nifty and Nifty Bank indices are headed?