Apollo Hospitals has announced the expansion of the Apollo Genomics Institute with the launch of a new facility in Chennai. This is the third facility for the healthcare major, which already has genomic institutes in Mumbai and Delhi.  

Genomics refers to the study of the complete set of DNA (including all of its genes) in a person. In recent times, the technology has been revolutionising the healthcare industry as it enables healthcare providers to predict, diagnose, and treat diseases more precisely based on an individual’s DNA.

Addressing an event to announce the launch of the new institute, Prathap C Reddy, Chairman,  Apollo Hospitals Group, said genomics has made a major breakthrough in clinical healthcare because it holds the promise of new therapies that are tailored to each patient’s specific needs. 

The healthcare major said it will add three more genomics facilities in Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Ahmedabad by the end of 2023.

‘Use with discretion’

In his chief guest address, Tamil Nadu governor RN Ravi said, while experts and scientists look at genomics as a huge opportunity, like any other new technology, this should also be exercised with a sense of responsibility. 

Genomics or genetic sequencing, if not used with discretion and care, can also cause a lot of disruption because it is loaded with a huge amount of predictive intelligence of an individual. “If genomic sequencing reveals that a person is prone to a particular disease, it is good he must be protected, but it might affect that person’s prospect of getting a job, and even insurance companies may start discriminating against them,” he added.

Service range

According to the company, the Apollo Genomic Institute in Chennai will host a range of genomic services including genetic evaluation, clinical diagnostics, obstetric genetics, cancer genomics, and prenatal genetic screening capabilities.

Suneeta Reddy, MD, Apollo Hospitals Group, said genomics enables personalisation in medicine by leveraging genetic insights. This is immensely impacting decisions made regarding the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. “We are going beyond standardised care to personal care,” she added.

Preetha Reddy, Executive Vice Chairperson of Apollo Hospitals Group, said there is an increased awareness amongst individuals around the value of genomic tests in the prevention and diagnosis of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and genetic diseases such as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disorders amongst others. 

Shares of Apollo Hospitals on Tuesday closed at ₹4,414 apiece on NSE, 0.34 per cent higher than Monday’s close.