The 13th edition of Bengaluru India Nano, the country’s flagship event in the nanotech sector, was announced by NS Boseraju, Karnataka Minister of Minor Irrigation and Science and Technology, in Bengaluru.

The three-day event, to be held from August 1–3 in Bengaluru, is being organised by the state government’s Department of Science and Technology, Karnataka Science & Technology Promotion Society (KSTePS), and Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR).

The curtain-raiser programme was attended by Prof Navakanta Bhat, Chair, Vision Group on Nanotechnology; Prof PS Anil Kumar, Chair, CEC-Bengaluru India Nano 2024; Dr Ekroop Caur,Secretary, Department of Electronics, Information Technology, Biotechnology, and Science and Technology; Pavan Kumar Malapati, Director, Department of Science and Technology, and Managing Director, KSTePS; and Jagdish Patankar, Executive Chairman, MM Activ Sci-Tech Communications, the event’s curator.

Boseraju said, “Sustainability is not just a buzzword, but a necessity. The impacts of climate change are increasingly visible, manifesting in rising temperatures, natural calamities, and widespread displacement. Simultaneously, the world is grappling with severe economic and environmental consequences of energy crises. While industries are striving to develop green and clean energy solutions, these efforts alone may not be sufficient to achieve true sustainability.”

He added, “Nanotechnology promises to deliver small-sized but high-impact solutions, which can potentially revolutionise our approach to these global issues. With this background, the theme for this edition of Bengaluru India Nano 2024 is ‘Nanotechnology for sustainability: Climate, energy, and healthcare’.”

The event will bring together researchers, scientists, academicians, industry captains, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and students. It anticipates over 700 registered delegates and 75 expert speakers across more than r 25 sessions.

The conference will address developments in nanotechnology and its applications in climate, energy, healthcare, and electronics and semiconductors. The speakers include Prof Pulickel Ajayan, Chair, Department of Materials Science and Nano Engineering, Rice University; Balajee Sowrirajan, Managing Director, SSIR; Prof Neetu Singh, Head, Centre of Biomedical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi; Prof Dhirendra Katti, Director, Indian Institute of Technology Goa; and Prof Nitash Balsara, Charles W Tobias Professor in Electrochemistry, University of California, Berkeley.

An exhibition at the event will showcase the latest innovations, products, and technologies from leading companies, research institutions, and startups in the field of nanotechnology. Over 50 organisations will showcase nanotech products and services.

Awards including the ‘Prof CNR Rao Bengaluru India Nano Science Awards’, ‘Bengaluru India Nano Innovation Award’, and Karnataka DST Nanoscience Fellowships will be announced.