It is too early to judge the placements situation at IIT-Madras, as the process happens in phases and also includes researchers, IIT-Madras Director V Kamakoti said on Wednesday. “Almost 83 per cent of IIT-Madras students have already been placed currently and the correct position of placements will be available only in mid-July as it concludes in phases,” he said on the sidelines of a media event at the institute.  

Responding to recent media reports about India’s premier institutions, IITs, achieving poor placements this year, and many students taking up low-paying jobs, the Director explained that placements at IIT-Madras take place in phases and we cannot judge the scenario at this stage. Generally, placements at IITs occur in two phases - one in December and the other ongoing between January and June. 

“Many of the public sector units (PSUs) and other companies come for placements only around June-July, and many students too contemplate on various options such as higher studies, starting up, and hence the data at this stage will not give a true picture,” he added. Masters and PhD students also participate in the placement process and they generally contemplate their next steps until July and also choose not to sit for placements, he added.

Masters and PhD students also participate in the placement process, and they typically consider their next steps until July. Additionally, they often opt not to participate in placements,” he added.

The institute, he said, plans to collate all the data and will soon explain the process and share the data with the media. 

Kamakoti also highlighted the role played by alumni of IIT-Madras in mentoring and guiding students in their entire academic journey, including the placements process, through an informal program called YAARI (Yours Always Alumni Relations). 

IIT-M’s Director’s comments come at a time when reports of the global slowdown make it challenging for the IITs to attract global companies for placements. Reports indicate that India’s premier institution has an average of 30-35 per cent students still awaiting job offers.