PrepInsta, a placement preparation platform, recorded placements of over 18,716 students in November 2022.

More than 350 companies have hired PrepInsta Prime students, with an average package of ₹6.9 lakh per annum (LPA), said the company. 

Hiring companies include some notable names such as TCS, Adobe, Intel, Microsoft, Google, Infosys, Deloitte, Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, McAfee, Tesla, Capgemini, Dream11, Cred, Tech Mahindra, Goldman Sach, and many others. The highest salary package secured by a PrepInsta student is a 31 LPA.

TCS has distributed PrepInsta students approximately 70 per cent of the offer letters. The offer letters for on-campus recruitment drives have been distributed by Infosys, Cognizant, Accenture, and other service-based firms. Off-campus recruitment drives are expected to begin soon.

‘Unstoppable recruitment drive’

Aashay Mishra, Co-founder, PrepInsta in a statement said, “The unstoppable recruitment drive comes at a time when tech firms have reduced their hiring efforts in anticipation of a tech slowdown and global recession. This reflects our students’ exemplary in-demand curricular mentorship and the outcome of internship opportunities at PrepInsta.” 

PrepInsta interactive OTT subscription model enables students to explore more skills by enabling access to over 200 courses including placement preparation courses, AI/machine learning, cyber security, coding courses in C/C++, competitive coding, ethical hacking, cyber security, python, DSA, and other upskilling courses. 

In response to market trends, the edtech platform recently announced the addition of new courses to its Prime module. Among the new courses are FAANG placement preparation, service-based company placement, web development, data analytics, Power BI, and Salesforce which amplifies the prospect of students landing a high-paying job.

In addition to providing students with placement opportunities, PrepInsta has provided students with internship opportunities across multiple sectors as part of its placement policy.