HCL group company and edtech startup GUVI has launched Large Language Model (LLM) features on its platform that helps users from diverse linguistic backgrounds to learn concepts in their ‘colloquial’ language. 

The AI-enabled platform has the capability where users can upload course video in English language and get it translated in preferred colloquial language.

It also has features for customised learning meeting specific needs and preferences of learners. As a result, unlike traditional AI models, GUVI will allow users to engage with AI in their native language -even colloquial ones such as ‘Tanglish’ - for a seamless learning experience, says a release.

GUVI, originally born in IIT-Madras as a platform offering tech education in regional languages, helps students to learn in their mother tongues and also offers specialised IT courses to upskill and make them job ready. It already has over 2.5 million learners and expects the new LLM feature to empower more students from tier-2 and tier-3 locations in technology concepts. 

“We recognise the significance of linguistic diversity in education particularly in a country as diverse as India. By leveraging ChatGPT and colloquial data sets, we are ensuring that the AI understands and responds to users in their colloquial language, fostering inclusivity and accessibility in education while celebrating India’s linguistic heritage,” Guvi CEO Arun Prakash said. 

At present, GUVI’s LLM will be available in the following vernacular languages - Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada. The company plans to come out with more vernacular languages in the near future. The LLM has been made available for users free of cost in the immediate future, says a release.