HyderabadReports of over 100 students, who got admissions to various US universities and colleges, are being sent back to India from several US airports sending shockwaves among the student community here.

As the academic year began in the US, several hundred Indian students got visas and set out for their studies. Beginning last week, at least 100 students from the Telugu States of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh were grilled at various ports of entry and sent back directly from the airports to India.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that US officials are checking the social media profiles, chats, and emails to check the financial health of the students, their intentions (whether they are coming here for studies or to seek employment), and explicit social media posts promoting hatred.

Though there is no official clarification from the US authorities, reports suggest that the deported students failed to meet certain guidelines, which include financial health, objectionable posts/comments on social media, and not-so-satisfactory answers given by the students to the questions asked by the immigration authorities.

“Students should remember one thing. Getting a visa doesn’t guarantee you an entry into the US. They have to meet all the criteria and properly answer the queries at the Immigration counter,” an analyst, who is following the immigration process closely, said.

The Telangana Government is closely watching the developments. “It is not something new that students are sent back. Every day 2-3 students from the country are sent back. The number is looking huge now because of the spurt in the number of visas post the Pandemic. Students are advised to follow the procedures diligently,” a source in the State government said.

Meanwhile, about 40 US Universities will hold a fair in the city later this week, showcasing the academic opportunities there. Keeping in mind the recent deportations of students, the universities are likely to advise the student community on following the rules and procedures to ensure a hassle-free, smooth entry into the US and join the colleges without any hindrance.

Prepare well in advance

Xavier Augustine, Founder of educational consultancy firm Y-Axis, asked the students to choose the correct path that invovles a long, methodical preparation for admission into the US colleges and universities. “The US looks for bright minds and one should prepare well in advance. Those who start very late and prefer to choose faulty methods will face problems. One should not use the student visa-route to gain employment,” he advises. Meanwhile, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy held a meeting with officials to discuss the situation arising out of the deportation of the Telugu students from the US.