upGrad, a skilling and workforce development company, has introduced ChatGPT fundamentals into select course curriculums and internal academic processing to ensure application-based learning for the global workforce. 

These live sessions dive into ChatGPT’s architecture and functionality while explaining the nuances of the model and also arming professionals with the capabilities to use it efficiently, said the company. 

“Understanding AI-powered tools have become critical to career growth. It’s important to first educate our learners about the complexities of the tool which also comes with opportunities, and if understood well, can support the global workforce in delivering exponential business solutions,” said Mayank Kumar, Co-founder & MD, upGrad.

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upGrad is committed to workforce development and hence, a strong Artificial Intelligence-enabled portfolio and experiential learning shall train our learners to tackle any business problems even on day 1 at their jobs, he added. 

In its next phase of GPT integration, upGrad will unveil a unique AI-powered Chatbot that will interact with its learners at all levels to understand their skilling requirements and accordingly, offer them recommendations and personalized feedback on their performance. 

Learners will also be able to experience simulations vis-a-vis running a company and participating in role-specific mock interviews with the AI tool to help prepare for job interviews. 

According to a recent report by TeamLease Digital, around 56 per cent of firms stated that required steps are being implemented to close the AI demand-supply talent gap. “Education, backed by evolving technology is our forte and upGrad is moving in the right direction to build an AI-ready talent powerhouse for the global economy,” added Kumar.