Belligerent after his remark on Muslims created a controversy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday alleged that Congress was trying to snatch the reservation rights of SC, ST and OBCs and give it to Muslims from their quotas. He also alleged that Congress has promised to “X-ray” wealth of people and snatch anything extra if they come to power. He asked people whether is it “justified” to take away stree-dhan (wife’s property) or her mangalsutra.

The PM claimed that the Congress wanted to extend reservation on the basis of religion and give the rights of scheduled castes (SC), scheduled tribes (ST) and other backward classes (OBCs) to Muslims.

After forming the government at the Centre in 2004, the first task the government did was to reduce the SC/ST reservation in Andhra Pradesh and give reservation to Muslims. It was a pilot project and four attempts were made, PM alleged and added that due to alertness of the Supreme Court it was not successful.

“Modi is giving you a guarantee that reservation for Dalits, backwards and tribals will neither end nor will it be allowed to be lowered in the name of religion,” he said. He asked people to question Congress leaders why they want to provide reservation on religious lines.

In his last campaign speech in Tonk-Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan, which goes to polls on April 26 for the remaining 13 seats, after 12 seats went to the polls on April 19, Modi reminded the audience how his 90 seconds speech in the state two days ago had created ripples in the Opposition. He was referring to his speech in Banswara, Rajasthan, where he had said that the Congress would distribute property to the Muslims. “I want to know from Congress why is it so fearful of truth. Why Congress is hiding its own policies? Modiji has unmasked your hidden agenda; are you shivering? If you have courage, admit it, I am prepared for a muqabla (debate/fight) ,” he said.

Modi, at a rally in Banswara, Rajasthan on April 21 had attributed a 2006 comment of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh when he had said that the minority community had the first claim on the country’s resources. The Prime Minister on Tuesday said that the remark on Muslims having first claim on natural resources was made by Manmohan Singh at a meeting where he was present as a chief minister.

“I had stated truth before the country. Congress, by snatching your property, has conspired to distribute (it) among its ‘special group’ (khaas logon). I had unmasked the appeasement politics of the Congress 2-3 days back. It has angered them so much that Congress has started abusing Modi,” the PM said.

 “You may also be aware that they have written in their manifesto that they will conduct survey of your property. They will survey the stree-dhan (parental wedding gifts) and mangalsutras of our mothers and sisters. One of their leaders (Rahul Gandhi) said in his speech that (it) will be x-rayed…This means, if anything is kept even inside the bajra box of your house it will also be searched. If it is kept in the wall, it will be searched using X-ray. Their leader has publicly said this – will be X-rayed. Then whatever extra property you have than necessary, their government will seize it, they say. Then it will be distributed among people,” said the PM.