From his home turf in Gujarat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday sent out a nation-wide message expressing confidence of winning upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

Addressing a large gathering comprising youth, businessmen, farmers and members of the Patidar community on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, Modi exhumed confidence of returning to power post 2019 polls slated to be held in a few weeks.

"Don't worry, even after 2019 (polls), I am only there (in Delhi)," Modi said during a function to lay the foundation stone of a mega temple complex for Umiya Mata, a deity of Patidars.

Of late, a section from the Patidar community, mostly youth had raised dissenting voices against the ruling BJP. This led the rise of Patidar reservation icon Hardik Patel. The rally in Ahmedabad on Monday turned out to be a show of strength for Modi to ensure support from the community, known for its riches and political clout.

Modi, who started his two-day visit to his home state from Jamnagar, laid the foundation stone for the desalination plant to convert sea water into fresh water and dedicated a 700-bed government hospital where earlier in the day. He also presided over the release of Narmada Water into Ranjit Sagar reservoir made under the SAUNI Yojana to address the water shortage crisis in the region. The region is battling a drought condition with scanty rains last monsoon.

"Big things"

Addressing a gathering in Jamnagar, Modi mocked at the opposition for failing to understand his remarks on Rafale's need in Indian Air Force. "They (opposition) don't use common sense. When I said, if we had the Rafale, the result would have been different, they question the IAF fleet. I am saying, that at the time of (Balakot) air strike, if our fighters were given Rafale, none of our (aircraft) would have lost and none of theirs would have been spared."

Modi also stated that he preferred doing "big things" such as world's largest insurance scheme, the Ayushman Bharat scheme. "As you know, small doesn't suit me. Anything that I do, has to be big. Didn't you see recently?" he said, talking about the air strike across the international border.

Claiming credit for taking measures to 'cure terror ailment' for the country, PM stated that a 'bimari' or ailment called 'terrorism' is getting nurtured. "Terrorism is like an disease. And this disease must be removed from its roots. For that we can't apply medicines here, rather we must apply remedies at its roots. And the root of the disease lies in our neighbourhood," PM stated hinting at the action against terror camps in Pakistan.

"The entire nation agrees that the terrorism must be eliminated. And we should believe our forces and be proud of them. In stead, some people still question the forces," Modi said.