In 2024, LinkedIn reports that 88 per cent of Indian professionals are contemplating a job change, marking a 4 per cent year-over-year increase from 2023.

This shift reflects a departure from enduring in one role, with professionals now embracing active career management. LinkedIn data reveals a 5 per cent year-over-year surge in job search activity on its platform from 2022 to 2023.

Motivating factors for job transitions include the pursuit of improved work-life balance (42 per cent) and the need for higher wages (37 per cent) in a challenging economic climate. Notably, 79 per cent of Indian professionals express readiness to explore opportunities beyond their current industry or role.

Despite this enthusiasm, professionals encounter challenges in adapting to swiftly evolving skill requirements, notably driven by advancements in AI. A substantial 45 per cent of professionals admit to uncertainty in aligning their skills with desired roles, complicating the job search process. LinkedIn data underscores a 30 per cent change in job-relevant skills in India since 2015. Job seekers also find the process frustrating, with 55 per cent expressing difficulty and 59 per cent indicating infrequent responses from recruiters.

In response to heightened competition, professionals are refining their job search strategies to stand out. Approximately 72 per cent have altered their approach, experimenting with innovative formats like video and digital resumes. An overwhelming 81 per cent acknowledge the potential of AI to enhance the efficiency and productivity of their job hunt.

Furthermore, professionals are actively managing their careers by investing in their professional brands and leveraging connections. A significant 79 per cent are increasing content sharing on LinkedIn, while 83 per cent are actively expanding their professional networks.

Nirajita Banerjee, a Career Expert and Sr. Managing Editor at LinkedIn India, emphasises the importance of professionals distinguishing themselves amidst growing competition. As more professionals enter the job market, success in job hunting hinges on refining profiles, showcasing skills, and staying abreast of industry developments.