Do you know that 75 per cent of the unexpected headaches and back aches are due to dental problems?

Patients often go to a Neurologist for such problems, but they need to rule out the cause for the pain first by visiting a dentist, says K Mahendranadh Reddy, organising chairman of the 43rd Indian Prosthodontic Society Conference.

And the solution for such pains could be had by placing a small piece of plastic between the teeth. The remedy is as simple as that and doesn't need an MRI or costly diagnostics to identify the problem, he told newspersons today.

Often, the root of the problems for migraines, lingering headaches, backaches is in the tooth, Mahendranadh explained.  The Indian Prosthodontic Society Chapters of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are jointly hosting the three day conference to be inaugurated by M Venkaiah Naidu, Union Minister for Urban Development at the HICC on Friday.

A Prosthodontic specialises in cosmetic restoration and replacement of teeth associated with clinical conditions like missing teeth, deficient teeth compromised maxillo-facial tissues etc. It restores or replaces by using biocompatible substitutes. The specialty works towards restoration of optimum appearance and function and enhancing the smile and over all confidence and well being of an individual.

Most dental material and equipment are imported and taxing on such imports escalates the costs further. The Society will impress upon the Government to address this issue favourable and bring the cost of dental treatment down.

There is an alarming rise in oral cancers in the country due to high prevalence of tobacco usage, pan chewing and smoking. To sensitise the public on oral cancers the Society is hosting a Health awareness run on December 5.