The Australian state of Victoria on Thursday announced $41 million worth of aid and medical equipment, including 1,000 ventilators, for India, to assist it to curb the devastating second wave of Covid-19.

The donation will be made to the Commonwealth medical stockpile.

“We are working with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to deliver this support to India as the country works to manage the second wave of coronavirus and treat those infected,” said an official statement.

“The 1,000 ICU Ventilators are currently owned by the Department of Health and will be donated to India for humanitarian purposes and the state was also preparing to send a range of supporting equipment like connectors and humidifiers, with the total package valued at over 41 million Australian dollars.”

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Expressing solidarity with India and the people, Kaushaliya Vagghela, the first Indian born MP elected to the Victorian Parliament, said, '”at this painful and difficult time, all Victorians stand side by side with our Indian community, both here and abroad.” She said she had also expressed her concerns about India and requested the state government to support India and Australians in India during this crisis.

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Victoria has the highest number of migrants from India, followed closely by New South Wales.