The Information & Broadcasting Ministry on Tuesday released an advisory to television channels to refrain from sensationalising the ongoing rescue operation underway at Silkyara, Uttarakhand. The Ministry has also asked channels to refrain from undertaking any live videos from close proximity of the tunnel site where the rescue operations are underway, and “ensure that the human life saving activity” by the various agencies is not disrupted due to the presence of cameramen, reporters or equipment near or around the operations site.

“Telecast of video footages and other pictures relating to the operations by the TV channels specially by placing cameras and other equipment in close proximity of the rescue operations site have the potential to adversely affect the ongoing operations,” the Ministry said in its advisory.

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The Ministry also advised channels to be “cautious and sensitive” while reporting on the matter especially in putting out headlines, videos and images and take due care of the sensitive nature of operation, psychological status of the family members as well as the viewers in general.

Various government agencies are working for safe evacuation of 41 workers trapped at the location in the 2 km-built tunnel portion. “The operation underway around the tunnel is of an extremely sensitive nature involving saving so many lives.,” the advisory stated.