Headache is arguably the most common ailment in the world with nearly everyone getting it some time or the other. 

But the niggling pain in the head has increased in the post-pandemic period with more Indians reporting it.

Mumbai is the “headache capital” of India, followed by Chennai and Delhi, says the Saridon Headache Report from Bayer’s Consumer Health Division, that mapped 22 to 45 year-olds in the country.

These stress-linked headaches were from reasons including financial problems, work pressure, health and family conflicts, said the report, in its second edition. The first edition of this study pegged Delhi as the stress-capital, followed by Mumbai. And Bengaluru showed the highest headache incidence in the country.

Don’t ignore it

The study seeks to tell people not to ignore a headache, and promote “appropriate self-care”, an official with Bayer Consumer Health told businessline, especially since headaches could be of different types and for various reasons.

Stress- linked headaches did not leave smaller towns untouched, with Ahmedabad, Bhubaneshwar, Madurai and Indore showing a high incidence of headaches.

The study done by HANSA Research, covered 5,310 respondents from 20 urban cities, including key tier-1 and tier-2 towns across 15 States.

The Bayer official said the sample size was adequate to make a projection. The report found that “93 percent of respondents who experienced headaches witnessed a noticeable increase, directly linked to elevated stress levels. … 1 in 3 people felt that their stress levels had increased post pandemic.”

Sandeep Verma, Country Head, Bayer Consumer Health India, described how consumers have started to focus on self-care as a vital aspect of their wellbeing in the post-pandemic era.

The study also unveiled a concerning trend, with nearly 40 percent of participants indicating challenges in sustaining optimal concentration on their tasks.. And about 50 percent said, a reduction of workload, both professional responsibilities and household chores, could be a primary remedy to address this.

Saridon, the headache relief brand, has a legacy of over 50 years. It returned to the Bayer stable (from Piramal Enterprises) in May 2021, with the launch of Bayer’s Consumer Health Division in India.