Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah said the election results in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh indicate a strong support for the politics of good governance and development. The voters reposed their faith on the development politics of the Modi government at the Centre, said Shah.

Addressing workers at the BJP headquarters here on Monday, Modi said support for the party showed the nation is ready for a reform agenda and every citizen wants India transformed. The Gujarat polls are a matter of double joy for him, he added. “I am so happy that after I left the State, my colleagues there continued with the good work,” he said. Since 1989, the party has secured very good results in Lok Sabha and Assembly elections from the State, he pointed out.

He asked rival parties not to derail the country from the path of development. “This government has the power to take decisions and no one can question its intentions,” Modi said.

The Congress tried to bring back the politics of caste and people defeated them, he further said.

“Thirty years ago, the poison of caste was spread so badly in Gujarat that it took workers like me years to get rid of it. In the last few months there were attempts again to sow the seeds of casteism, but people rejected it. I congratulate them,” he said.

No close fight

Addressing reporters, Shah said the poll outcome is a victory of performance and development against political dynasty. It was hardly a close fight in Gujarat, he said, as the BJP won with an 8 per cent margin.

“The victory of the BJP in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat Assembly polls is a win of Modi’s development agenda against the politics of dynasty, casteism and appeasement,” he added.