The Naval Science and Technological Laboratory (NSTL) here, which has delivered heavy weight torpedo “Varunastra” to the Navy and anti-torpedo decoy system “Mareech”, will now take up development of optic-guided heavyweight torpedoes and lightweight torpedoes with extended range, according to Director C.D Malleswar.

He was speaking at a press meet here on Wednesday on the eve of the lab’s Raising Day.

High user confidence “We are moving towards strategic domain, taking up products for various advanced platforms and the user confidence is high,” he said.

He said the NSTL would see launch of major projects every year during the next three to four years. The submarine variant of Varunastra will be test-fired in two months and the optic-guided torpedo by the year-end.

The NSTL worked with BDL and BEL in concurrent engineering mode and once the Navy placed the orders, 73 “Varunastras” and 33 “Mareechs” costing about ₹2,000 crore will be made by them for deployment.

Agni award NSTL has been given Agni award in self-reliance for fire control systems, Malleswar said. He attributed the delay in developing “Varunastra” to the challenges under water.

He said the recently-inaugurated cavitation tunnel identifies operational regimes for a ship or submarine. Propulsion system integration centre recently established integrates engines and propellers. It also works on minimising signature of vessels so as to prevent detection by enemy ships.