The turnaround story of automobile major Nissan India—which battled “market forces” and a “negative reputation”—has been highlighted in a case study documented by the Indian Institute of Mangement-Ahmedabad (IIM-A).

“In 2019, Nissan India found itself facing a turbulent market situation as it contested market space against 14 competitors. Some of the recent product launches had not been well received, and dealers nationwide were sceptical in associating with Nissan,” states the abstract of the IIM-A case study titled “Launching the Magnite in times of the pandemic: Nissan’s resurgence in India.”

The abstract narrates how Nissan appointed Rakesh Srivastava as the new managing director of Nissan Motor India Ltd and how Covid pandemic in early 2020, posed a bigger challenge to the company which was preparing for a turnaround in the market with the help of a revamp within the organisation and launch of a new SUV Nissan Magnite. 

“Through concentrated efforts, Nissan overcame hostile market forces and a negative reputation to emerge as the fastest-growing player in the market. It passed the 50000 units manufactured milestone for the Magnite within two years, which provided a much-needed boost to its declining share and relevance in the Indian market,” adds the case study authored by Professor Amit Karna, Professor of Strategy at IIM-A and his research associate Bushra Kureshi.

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An official statement from Nissan states that the IIM-A case study covers the entire journey of Nissan India from planning to execution, highlighting the key challenges and opportunities, innovations to overcome the obstacles faced during the pandemic on the launch of the Nissan Magnite. It also outlines how the company leveraged its innovative Nissan NEXT strategy to turnaround its position on resurgence in the highly competitive Indian auto market.

Rakesh Srivastava, Managing Director of Nissan Motor India, states, “We are proud that the success story of the game changer Big, Bold, Beautiful Nissan Magnite has been spotlighted by IIM-A, one of the best B-schools in the world. This case study will provide valuable strategic insights to future leaders into problem solving real-world business challenges and best practices on execution. We hope that this case study will inspire to overcome challenges by embracing change and innovation especially in uncertain times. Nissan Magnite led the resurgence of Nissan in the highly competitive Indian auto market enhancing the commitment on investment in India.”

Professor Amit Karna, co-author of the case study, said, “The case on Nissan’s launch of Magnite in India underscores our commitment to actively seek and engage with organisations to document compelling real-life situations that offer students valuable insights into navigating through dynamic business landscapes. The story of the launch of Nissan Magnite, achieved under challenging circumstances, presents a fascinating scenario for management students to analyse and learn from it. At IIM-A, we are dedicated to fostering such collaborations that not only enrich the learning experiences of our students but also significantly contribute to the collective knowledge in the field of strategic management.”