The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) is planning to increase the green footprint in the country from current 5 per cent to 15 per cent in the next 4-5 years, a top IGBC official has said.

“We have 4,700 projects across India currently, which covers 640 crore sq ft and by 2022 we want to reach 1,000 crore sq ft. The aim is to add around 100 crore sq ft every year,” said IGBC Chairman V Suresh.

The 640 crore sq ft area includes offices, schools, hospitals, hotels and residential apartments. As per the IGBC, there are 14 lakh villas, houses, apartments under the green building movement. There are around 300 IGBC projects in Delhi-NCR alone. However, capacity building is one of the major challenges while trying to adopt green building concept in India, he said.

“There are around 90,000 architects and 10 lakh civil engineers in the country but only 10-15 per cent of them have been exposed to the green building concept and design. There is a need to increase that number by a large extent,” said Suresh.

He added that due to the notion that green building is a costly affair, many builders and developers do not want to go into the process. Those who have adopted it have seen a positive impact.

“The market potential of green buildings in India is around US$ 300 billion by 2025,” he added.

IGBC will also be organising a flagship event — Green Building Congress 2018 — next month, which, Suresh said, would provide a platform for advancing the green building concept in a big way.