KPIT Technologies, a software integration partner for the automotive and mobility industry, announced it would partner Renault Group for its software-defined vehicle (SDV) programme.

“Renault Group is making significant investments and strategic partnerships to develop an industry-leading SDV platform. This platform will drive Renault Group’s global growth over the following decades by delivering unmatched experience to end-consumers and unlocking monetisation over the length of vehicle ownership,” KPIT stated in a press release.

The company added it had two decades’ experience in automotive and mobility software, cross-domain competencies, global scale, and ecosystem of alliance partners, along with expertise in developing SDV roadmaps for industry leaders.

Renault Group expects SDV technology to drive value to its vehicle production programmes.

“Our vision is to reimagine mobility with industry leaders like Renault Group... software from KPIT will unlock electrification, autonomous driving, and connected vehicle experiences that will delight Renault consumers,” said Kishor Patil, CEO, KPIT Technologies.

He added, “KPIT will bring competencies at scale, IP, an ecosystem of partnerships, thereby creating long-term value. We are looking forward to jointly building an industry-leading solution for the automotive and mobility industry.”  

Thierry Cammal, Alliance Global Vice-President–Renault Software Factory, Managing Director–Renault Software Labs, stated, “We are delighted to bring KPIT onboard our journey towards SDV. Software is the force behind the transformation of the automotive industry. KPIT is recognised as a leading software integration partner globally with multi-domain software competencies, making them a strategic scaling partner to us. Together, we will develop SDV technology platforms that will help us maintain market leadership and help the industry accelerate SDV transformation.”