Ozone therapy seen as a promising alternative for diabetes treatment

Rutam V Vora | | Updated on: Nov 17, 2020
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Ozone Therapy, a branch of Naturopathy, has emerged a promising alternative medicine therapy to support diabetes treatment with oxygenation.

Medical professionals at Ozone Forum of India have highlighted the therapeutic benefits of ozone therapy during treatment of type-2 diabetes.

How does Ozone work

Ozone improves oxygen delivery to the tissues, resulting into improved circulation and helps in reducing insulin resistance by correcting oxidative stress. It gives better sugar control and also has better infection control.

When Ozone therapy is administered, the body improves oxygen metabolism. Ozone improves ATP (Adenosine triphosphate), which is the primary carrier of energy in cells regulation.

Thus, ozone targets improves the energy for the cell and maintains the cellular redux balance.

Experts believe that Ozone Therapy can be a holistic treatment for a multi-organ level cure for diabetes rather than only treating blood sugar levels.

Mili Shah, President, Ozone Forum of India, said, “Diabetes has a multi-organ involvement, where one needs to work on from diet to exercise to how best to detox and oxygenation. It is the key towards improving diabetic complications and tissue damage and it improves general vascular occlusion also.”

Diabetes germinates into more diseases in itself from top to bottom leading to impacting eye, kidney, brain or even cardio vascular systems.

The Forum quotes WHO data on diabetes prevalence growing rapidly in both - middle and high income countries. India ranks second in terms of diabetes affected nations.

Existing diabetes management practices are limited to control blood sugar only. “Medical ozone therapies come as a promising useful resource in targeting the root cause of the problem, helping patients in augmenting their mitochondrial functions, reforming their desired genetic expressions and in restoration of their microbiome,” said Anupam Gaur, Founder-Director, Centre For Optimum Health, Gurgaon.

The forum says almost 15 per cent of diabetes patients develop diabetic foot ulcer. Poor control of sugar, trivial trauma to the foot, leads to skin cracking and develops into an ulcer. Nearly half of such patients undergo amputation due to tradition.

So early detection of the diabetic foot ulcers is important. Ozone therapy delivers more oxygen at the tissue. Ozone works with platelets to improve circulation and healing.

As Gautam Shah, Orthopaedic Surgeon, said, “Ozone therapy prevents the diabetic foot ulcer from amputation by increasing the oxygenation and improving the blood circulation of the limb. It helps in healing of diabetic ulcer by reducing infection, it helps in swelling and pain reduction.”

Ozone Therapy was invented in 1814 and was first experimented during First World War to treat mustard gas burns and septic wounds.

Ozone Forum of India has trained over 2,400 doctors and treated over 50,000 patients with this beneficial and impactful cost-effective treatment across tuberculosis, cancer, skin treatments, diabetic foot and more.


Published on November 17, 2020

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