Octathorpe Web-Consultants gets $250,000 funding from Chennai Angels

Hyderabad, Nov 12

The Chennai Angels (TCA), an investing group, has announced an investment of $ 250,000 in Hyderabad based Octathorpe Web-Consultants Pvt. Ltd., the promoter of the Cricket Management Game, Hitwicket. 

Hitwicket is already generating funds through app purchases and the product is available across 77 countries. 

     In Hitwicket, you play the role of a Manager of a T20 Cricket Team and make all strategic decisions like setting line-ups, buying players from the auction, upgrading infrastructure, etc. The matches are simulated ball-by-ball by Hitwicket’s propitiatory Match Engine Algorithm based on various parameters. Currently, the game can be played on Hitwicket.com or on Hitwicket Android App.

   Octathorpe is a Hyderabad based Startup founded by alumni of VIT University. It started-off a web services company and hit upon the idea of a Cricket Management game considering the huge popularity of the IPL and Football Management Games.

  “We designed the Hitwicket Gameplay as an amalgamation of Poker, Monopoly and Chess, games whose appeal spans generations. By packaging complex B-School jargon like Economics and Competitive Strategy into a Fun experience, Hitwicket has plenty of avenues for learning for its users too. Our aim is to keep the users hooked over months and years instead of days like most other games,” said Kashyap Reddy of Octathorpe. 

  “We see Cricket as an ever green passion and Hitwicket has done a unique job of coupling it with Management”, said R Narayanan, who led the investment from TCA.

Published on November 12, 2015



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