Cannes Lion 2023, the International Festival of Creativity, commenced on June 19 and will continue till June 23. Here’s the list of events to watch out for on June 23.

1. Exhibition of The Work

2. Connections Lounge

3. Creative Maker of the Year Seminar: Spike Lee

Spike Lee, an Academy award-winning filmmaker, will take over the stage along with Barry Brown, editor, writer and director.

Lee will share moments of his journey as a filmmaker.

4.  Brunch on the Terrace - Exclusively on Friday

5. Power Up! Lions Intelligence on Gaming

The session by The Work team will share Cannes Lions winning examples of brands that have partnered gaming platforms or developed games, making an impact on the outside world. It will focus on the integration of brands with the virtual world.

6. In the Making - 70 Years of Groundbreaking Creativity

This event will cover incredible works of innovation and creativity during the last 70 years from legends of past and present.

7. The Changemakers

Jordan Dinwiddie, the Creative Director at ​Wieden+Kennedy, will talk about the key learning moments in the industry, leadership style and the skills that people can develop to make it to the top.

8. Creative Impact Unpacked: Building Brands for a New Economy

The session will focus on two perspectives on building brands for digital economy, to support programmes.

James Hurman, Founder of Previously Unavailable, and Amin Mrini, SVP and Chief of Business Operations at WARC, will talk about brands having an advantage on digital marketplaces.

Nancy King, Vice President Marketing of Airbnb, talks through what happened when one of the world’s biggest digital-first companies decided to double down on brand-building.

SVP, Chief Operations Officer at WARC will also be present.

9. CMOs in the Spotlight: City Football Group, Autodesk, Heineken Mexico

Chief Marketing Officers at City Football Group, Heineken and Autodesk, will run through the difficulties and challenges faced in the journey of becoming a CMO.

10. The Lion of St. Mark Seminar with Susan Hoffman

11. Inside The Jury Room - Mobile Lions

This segment will cover the selection process of Lion winners and advice for future entrants. The session will have Mobile Lions Jury President and Jury Members.

12. REAL TALK: Pushing creativity outside your lane

Powered by CC:DC, the session will hold executives from GUT Agency, Denstu, Mother New York, Cre8tors, Publicis Sports, R/GA, to talk about pushing creativity through talent in the boardroom and with technology, experiences and data.

13. Young Lions Competitions Winners Announcement

14. In the Making - 70 Years of Groundbreaking Creativity

15. No New Normal: Rewiring Creativity for an Unimaginable Future

Global executives at Wunderman Thompson will discuss the ways in which brands can redefine normality and write a playbook for creativity that brands can be used to reach new audiences.

16. The LionHeart Seminar: Patagonia

Introduced in 2014, the Cannes LionHeart Award is presented to an individual or organisation that has harnessed their position to make a significant and positive difference, with particular reference to those who work with brands and the advertising community.

17. Inside The Jury Room - Innovation Lions

18. In the Making - 70 Years of Groundbreaking Creativity

19. The Changemakers

20. Precisely Wrong or Vaguely Right? The Miraculous Power of Uncreativity

Rory Sutherland, VP of Ogilvy, will host the session. He is expected the ways brands can sell their ideas and engage more.

21. Tour of the Work - Print and Publishing Lions

22. “Here’s To The Crazy Ones”, Including Q&A with Lee Clow

“Here’s To The Crazy Ones” presents the untold 50 year history of the ad agency Chiat/Day. It celebrates the intersection of art and innovation.

23. Inside The Jury Room - Creative Strategy Lions

24. Creatives on The Terrace: Google, Pereira O’Dell, Vox Media

Get insights into topics like emerging trends, brand differentiation, customer engagement and talent initiatives, in this session.

Executives from big players like Pereira & O’Dell, Google, Vox Media will take over the session.

25. Getting Comfortable With Failure: How Iconic Brands Approach Innovation

The session, hosted by Mark Sandys, Chief Innovation Officer at Diageo will focus on how to build a culture of innovation and being comfortable in the ‘false starts’.

26. Inside The Jury Room - Brand Experience and Activation Lions

27. Secret speaker - Come to be Inspired

28. Retail Reimagined: How You Can Harness Creativity to Drive Growth

Hosted by Seth Dallaire, Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer at Walmart, the session will dive into how brands can unlock value, drive growth and build customer loyalty through creativity and agility.

29. In the Making - 70 Years of Groundbreaking Creativity

30. Invite Everybody: Lions Intelligence on Inclusion

31. Happy Hour on The Terrace

32. Awards Show

33. Closing Party - Party Like It’s 1954!