, the online accommodation portal, stated that Dubai still remains the top destination for Indians travelling abroad.

The 2019 Diwali accommodation booking trends, released by the company, revealed that Bangkok, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur also continue to be among the favourite tourist spots for Indian travelers, just liike in 2018.

The online accommodation portal compared the Diwali booking trends of the top destinations chosen by Indians as well as international tourists booking within India. This was based on the bookings made by travellers between October 23 and November 3, 2019 as well as from November 3 to November 13, 2018.

Paris, Istanbul, Tokyo among surprise entries

The data also showed that Indian tourists also travel choose to Paris, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Tokyo, London and Phuket. Destinations like Hong Kong and Colombo have fallen out of the top 10 booked destinations by Indians.

Of the many Indian destinations, South India’s Chennai, Kochi, Mysore and Ooty still remain the top chosen destinations this Diwali by Indians.

Jaipur, Puducherry, Ooty, Amritsar and Tirupati have also been featured in the list.

With regards to the top nationalities visiting India this Diwali, compared to the 2018 festive season, travellers from the United Kingdom (UK), France, United States American (USA), and Germany have retained their spots.

Interestingly, travellers from Bangladesh and Russia also travel to India and have, hence, made it to the top 10 nationalities visiting India this year.

Unlike 2018, Chinese and Italian travellers did not make it to the list.

It could be noted that Jaipur, Agra, Udaipur and Chennai also make it to the itinerary of international tourists.