Indian production company Panorama Studios and South Korea’s Athology Studios on Sunday announced a partnership for the remake of “Drishyam” in Korean. This would be the first ever collaboration between an Indian and a Korean studio and also will be the first time a Hindi film is being officially remade in Korean language.

The announcement was made at the Indian Pavilion of the ongoing Cannes Film Festival by Kumar Mangat Pathak of Panorama Studios, and Anthology Studios’ Jay Choi in the presence of Prithul Kumar, Joint Secretary, Film, Information and Broadcasting Ministry. An MOU was signed by the two film production comanies.

Malayalam crime thriller

“Drishyam”, is a Malayalam crime thriller, which was written and directed by Jeethu Joseph in 2013. Over the years, it has been remade in four Indian languages and also had sequels including “Drishya” (2014) in Kannada, “Drushyam” (2014) in Telugu, “Papanasam” (2015) in Tamil, and “Drishyam” (2015). It has also been remade for release in other international markets.

In a statement, Kumar Mangat Pathak said that Drishyam today has become a critically acclaimed and commercially successful franchise.

“I’m excited that Drishyam franchise is being made in Korean, a first for a Hindi film. This will not only increase its reach outside India but will also put Hindi cinema on the global map. All these years, we have been inspired by Korean fare, now they have found a muse in one of our films. This is the beginning of a valuable cultural exchange between both countries and their film industries,” he signs off..,” he added.

“We are thrilled to have an opportunity to remake a massively successful Hindi film with a touch of originality from Korean cinema. And the remake has greater significance as the first major co-production between Korea and India. Through our partnership, we will be able to bring the best of both Indian and Korean cinema and make a meaningful remake that is as excellent as the original,” said Choi,co-founder, Anthology Studios.