He reads your palm to diagnose problems of hip, knee

K.V. Kurmanath Hyderabad | Updated on October 18, 2011

Dr Chitranjan S. Ranawat, orthopaedic joint replacement surgeon

Don’t mistake him for a palmist when he takes your hand fondly into his and looks at intensely. No, he is not ’reading’ those lines that some palmists claim say

something about your past and future.

Dr Chitranjan S Ranawat, an orthopaedist from New York, can read what your body is sayings and tell you whether you are prone to an osteoarthritis problem.

“I can feel that in people’s hands,” Dr Ranawat says with confidence. Even as talking to you, he holds the left hand palm of a delegate. At the international conference of orthopaedics here, he looked at the left palm of a delegate with great intensity

and pronounced: “You will have it (osteoarthritis).” The subject was dumbstruck. “Yes, sir! My uncles suffered from it,” he replied.

“See!” Dr Ranawat exclaims, sporting a child-like smile. Another delegate held out his hand. Then, another... He patiently ‘read’ all the hands held out, and delivered his

verdict. All of them spot on, either way — prone or not!

Dr Ranawat, though known well in medical circles, shot to limelight after he replaced the knees of former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee.

With an MBBS and a Masters from Indore, he moved on to the US in the 1960s with a single-point focus: Correcting the faulty joints.

He holds several patents in the areas of total hip, total knee, total wrist and total elbow replacements. He has published about 100 articles each on knee and hip management.

The Indian-origin doctor, who has been practising in the US, has pioneered the art and science of replacing faulty knees and hips that wear out for reasons ranging from genes to squatting habits to injuries.

Dr Ranawat, is concerned about the millions of people who cannot afford to knee or and hip replacements, while they need it badly.

“One-third of Indians are aware of and can afford the treatment for their weak joints. The rest are not as lucky," he rues.

Knee and hip problems are not terminal. But they can be crippling, affecting the quality of life. Considering the immense economic loss they can cause, the Government should come foreword with a package to address this, he says.

Is he writing a book?

Published on October 15, 2011

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