Magic Bus, a non-profit organisation in the education, and skilling space, aims to impart essential life, and employability skills, in over 65 lakh young people, from marginalised communities, over the next five years.

The NGO operates in 23 states, and union territories, and operates out of 117 livelihood centres, of which 17 are all-girl centres. It imparts essential life skills, and employability skills in young people, from underserved communities.

"Since 1999, Magic Bus, has impacted 30 lakh adolescents, equipping them with life skills, to achieve school, life, and work outcomes. We have empowered over 3.7 lakh youths, with life, and employability skills, connecting them, to sustainable livelihood opportunities. Looking ahead, we aim to extend its impact, by empowering over 65 lakh young people over the next five years," Magic Bus India Foundation founder, Matthew Spacie told PTI.

Life skills education, serves as a cornerstone, for the holistic development of young people, and are essential for them, to navigate life, and work in an increasingly technology-driven world, he said.

Magic Bus India Foundation, Global CEO, Jayant Rastogi, stated that the organisation, conducts thorough assessments of the demand-supply gap, before introducing new skills, or phasing out obsolete ones.

"This process, involves analysing the demand for specific skills, in different geographical areas, and evaluating the suitability of individuals, to meet those demands. Before initiating any skilling programme, we ensure, that there is a clear understanding of the market demand, for the skills being imparted," he said.

Additionally, he said, the organisation also engages with potential employers during the programme, to align its training, with their hiring needs, which helps Magic Bus to tailor its skilling initiatives, to the current job market requirements, and maximise the employability of its participants.

The organisation targets young people, 18 to 25 years, from marginalised communities, providing them with the necessary 21st-century skills, to obtain grey-collar jobs, in the formal sector in the service industry.

Rastogi further stated that, Magic Bus has partnered with various state governments, to expand the reach of life skills education.

"We have also aligned with the objectives of the National Education Policy (NEP), our approach aims to bolster the government's efforts in delivering holistic education, empowering adolescents with higher-order thinking, analytical skills, and socio-emotional learning essential for success in the 21st century," he added.

Magic Bus is also operating programmes in Bangladesh, Spacie said.

"Currently, our programmes are operational in Bangladesh, and we are mapping potential countries in South East Asia, to understand their needs, and take our programmes to newer geographies," he added.