Netflix is planning a two-day event for India where it will offer its streaming service for free in India according to reports.

Hints of the event called ‘StreamFest’ were spotted by XDA Developers’ to Mishaal Rahman in Netflix’ Android app. The news was then confirmed by Protocol.

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According to the report, COO and Chief Product Officer Greg Peters during the company’s Q3 2020 earnings call confirmed that Netflix was planning a StreamFest to offer its services for free for 48 hours in India in a bid to boost subscriptions. The news was also confirmed by The Verge .

“We think that giving everyone in a country access to Netflix for free for a weekend could be a great way to expose a bunch of new people to the amazing stories that we have,” Peters said, as quoted by the report. “Really creating an event, and hopefully get a bunch of those folks to sign up.”

Variety further confirmed that StreamFest is slated to begin on December 4. During the two-day event, anyone with a Netflix app will be able to access its streaming catalogue for free without having to enter payment information, as per reports.

“We don’t need any payment details — just your love and undivided attention,” according to a text string found in the app,” read a string of text found in the app by Rahman.

However, there might be a limitation to the number of users that will be able to access the promotion as the code for the promo also contained a message that read “Netflix StreamFest is at capacity”.

Promotional event

Netflix has discontinued the practice of offering 30-day free trials for potential subscribers. The promo event is an attempt to attract more subscribers to its streaming service as part of its marketing strategy.

Currently, it offers select content including movies and TV show episodes for free to viewers even without an account through its Watch Free section.

“You can watch some of the great TV shows and movies from Netflix for free at Choose from a variety of TV shows and movies that are available to watch now for free. You don’t have to sign-up or register, you can just press play and watch,” reads a Netflix support page for the service.