1.      Earvin, a 15 year old Everett High School student, so dominated a game by scoring 36 points and taking 18 rebounds that Fred Stabley Jr gave him a nickname that would stay through his dazzling professional career. What did he name Earvin?

2.      Michael Jordan was one of the greatest professional players in history, winning six titles for the Chicago Bulls. He also won an NCAA championship in his very first year in college, calmly hitting the winning shot against Georgetown. Which university did he represent?

3.      Michael Jordan won six titles in the nineties. The only team to win in between the six Chicago Bullls’ titles was the Houston Rockets, led by a centre who was actually drafted ahead of Jordan when they both entered the NBA. Name this Nigerian born legend.

4.      What did Wilt Chamberlain do on March 2nd 1962 against the New York Knicks that has never been done in NBA history?

5.      Which great European basketball player, who led his team to an NBA championship in 2011, is the only player to play 21 years for the same basketball franchise?

6.      Power forward Karl Malone was one of the greatest ever players in the NBA, ending his career with the second highest points scored, and forming a formidable partnership at the Utah Jazz with John Stockton. His amazing reliability earned him what nickname?

7.      Lebron James, currently with the Los Angeles Lakers is regarded as one of the legends of the game and has won NBA titles with three different franchises. Two of them are the Lakers and the Cleveland Cavaliers, where he started his career, but went back later to win a title. Which is the third?

8.      Which five-title winning NBA star was named after an item his parents spotted on a restaurant menu and got his nickname from a deadly African snake?

9.      Giannis Antetokounmpo is an NBA power forward of Nigerian origin who led the Milwaukee Bucks to an NBA title in 2021. What is his country of birth, which he has represented in the Olympics?

10.  7’4” Arvydas Sabonis was a star for the USSR team in the 1988 Olympics leading them to victory over the US team and later had a successful career in the NBA with the Portlanad Trail Blazers. Which country did he represent in the 1992 Olympic Games, winning a bronze medal with them?


1.      ‘Magic.’ Magic Johnson was one of the greatest ever players in the NBA

2.      North Carolina. He was so attached to his college programme that he would wear his sky blue North Carolina shorts under his Chicago Bulls gear

3.      Hakeem ‘The Dream’ Olajuwon

4.      He scored a 100 points against them for the Philadephia Warriors. The closest since has been Kobe Bryant, with 81 points

5.      Dirk Nowitzki of Germany, who led the Dallas Mavericks to a title over the Miami Heat

6.      Malone was known as ‘the Mailman’ as he always delivered

7.      The Miami Heat where he formed a formidable partnership with Chris Bosch and Dwayne Wade

8.      Kobe Bryant, was named after a dish of Kobe beef and was known as the ‘Black Mamba’ for his lethal scoring abilities

9.      Greece, he is often known as the ‘Greek Freak’ as many find it hard to pronounce his surname

10.  Lithuania, they were sponsored by the band, the Grateful Dead, and wore a colourful tie and dye outfit designed by the band.