1. What was unique about the meeting between Vladimir Shatolov, Yevgenry Khrunov and Aleksei Yeliseyev on January 16, 1969?

2. For which specific set of meetings is the Livadia palace in Ukraine — formerly a royal residence and then a mental institution — most remembered?

3. In Indian mythology, who first met his brother while on a trip to the forest to find lotus flowers for his wife?

4. What was significant about a third round match in the 2004 Miami Masters between the No. 1 world ranked player and the 34th ranked player, which resulted in an upset?

5. An iconic scene in the film Bobby where Rishi Kapoor first meets Dimple Kapadia was inspired by a real-life incident when Raj Kapoor first met Nargis. What was the only major difference in the way the scene was picturised?

6. What epic meeting in musical history happened on July 6, 1957, when a skiffle group performed at the garden fete of St. Peter’s Church, Woolton?

7. Which two billionaires first met each other in the summer of 1995 when one of them was a volunteer tour guide for potential first year students looking to check out Stanford University?

8. Which two famous literary characters first met at at a maternity hospital on Holles Street, where one had gone to check on Mina Purefoy, who was about to give birth?

9. The meeting between which two great men of science in 1941 was later written up as the play Copenhagen by Michael Frayne?

10. The India-Pakistan encounter is one of the most awaited matches in a Cricket World Cup. In which World Cup and in which city did India first play Pakistan in the World Cup?


1. It was the first time that humans met in space; Shatolov was the commander of Soyuz 4 which had successfully docked with Soyuz 5

2. The Yalta Conference between Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill to decide the fate of Europe post the Second World War was held here

3. Bhim, searching for flowers for Draupadi, when his brother Hanuman in the shape of on an old monkey refused to yield way

4. The first tennis match between Federer and Nadal; Nadal upset Federer, and is currently 26-14 in 40 matches between them

5. In both, the girls had flour all over their face and hair; But in the actual meeting Nargis was making pakodas while in the film, Dimple was baking a cake

6. Paul McCartney went there to watch the Quarrymen and first met their lead singer, John Lennon

7. Sergey Brin showed around Larry Page; they later started Google together

8. Stephen Daedalus and Leopold Bloom, in James Joyce’s Ullysses; the city, of course, was Dublin

9. Neils Bohr and Warner Heisenberg

10. 1992 WC at Sydney; India won by 43 runs